The inyankapemni (or cannaksa) is the traditional stone-headed club (technically a stone hammer) used by the Lakota Sioux of the Great Plains.

Characteristics included a football-shaped stone head fixed onto a flexible wooden shaft, all of which was wrapped in rawhide. It was used from horseback or on foot, and was highly effective in dealing blunt trauma and generally fatal when aimed at the skull, but less so with body blows.

After the introduction of steel blades, this weapon was partially supplanted as a hand weapon by various forms of tomahawk (or blade-mounted gunstock clubs), though it saw use through the end of the Indian Wars.

Names in other languages:

  • Kaw: íⁿpegáshta




  • In Deadliest Warrior, the inyankapemni was the close-range weapon of Crazy Horse, and lost to Pancho Villa's bolo knife (actually a machete). During testing, the flexible wood haft of the club actually broke after repeated use, revealing a vulnerability not shared by the tomahawk or gunstock club.